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An investment advisory relationship is generally a long-term professional relationship built on trust, personalized investment advice, and ongoing oversight of your invested assets. This form of investment management requires adhering to a "fiduciary standard of care," meaning that our team has a legal duty to provide investment advice in your best interests.


Another critical difference in a wealth management relationship is the consolidated, steady pricing. There is one total client fee, typically a percentage of assets under management, which includes trading charges associated with buying and selling securities of the investments selected. The fee is deducted on a scheduled basis from the account.


Personalized Approach & Asset Allocation: Through conversations, we have with our clients and objective analysis of their current financial life, we create, implement, and align their investment strategies to meet their unique goals and objectives. While it is often said that beating the "wisdom of the crowd" is difficult in the long-term and that capital market prices reflect investor expectations for risk and returns; we believe that by using high-quality funds, and by identifying macro and micro-investment characteristics, investors can achieve a higher than average relative return on their investments.

Diversification: We strive to take a very diversified approach across a broad range of global asset classes

Long-Term Horizons: Our investment approach is designed with the intent of creating long-term wealth. Although we monitor short-term trends and risks to our client's portfolios, we do not make long-term investment decisions based on these short-term factors. 

Taxation: Taxes generated by holding or selling certain investments may have deleterious consequences on other areas of your financial plan, in addition to eroding the benefits of portfolio gains. Through asset location, holding investments and certain securities till maturity, and other techniques intent on minimizing both capital gain exposure and income tax exposure, we believe that fund managers and strategies can earn competitive returns without generating additional taxes.

Investment-related services are provided by Signature Resources Capital Management, LLC

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