Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by thoughtful application of resources to minimize and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events.



Whether an individual, family, or business owner, our team can help you build risk management strategies that answer the following questions:

  • What can go wrong?

  • How will 'it' affect you, your family, or your organization?

  • What can be done? What steps can be taken to prevent the loss? What can be done to mitigate the impact of the loss? What can be done to recover if a loss does occur?

  • If something happens, how will you, your family, or your organization pay for 'it'?

By addressing these important questions, the benefits of risk management planning include helping you to:

  • Create safety and security, whether for yourself, your family, or your staff and customers

  • Have clarity and confidence, rather than fearing the unknown

  • Protect important people and assets from potential financial loss

  • Establish your individual, family, or organization's insurance needs

Depending on the nature of risks you face, we'll help you understand which strategies can help to address different types of risk.



Three of the major financial risks are litigation, premature death, and disability. Your assets, income, and life all have different options for being insured against these major risks. Our team can help you understand when and how these different risks could impact you, and what the costs and benefits of addressing them would be. To protect your income, life, and assets, major financial risk management and insurance strategies involve:

  • Life insurance

  • Disability income insurance

  • Long-term care insurance

  • Health insurance

There are a few insurances designed to help protect your assets specifically. Our planners are also experienced in analyzing these property & casualty insurances; however, any product implementation or product servicing must be handled by outside third parties. These products include:

  • Umbrella insurance

  • Homeowners/renters insurance

  • Auto insurance

  • Other personal/liability insurances



While other advisors may focus solely on rates of return, best-case scenarios, or what we call 'straight-line' planning, our team uses a dynamic approach to help you understand what happens to your financial plan when life happens. By understanding how your plan handles adversity, and reacts to the occurrence of unfortunate risks, you'll have the confidence to keep your focus on capturing opportunities.


Being experienced working alongside medical professionals and business owners, our team understands the increased complexities in risk management planning and how specific to your individual situation certain strategies can be.

Working with comprehensive planners for your risk management planning is also important because you'll understand every technique for managing risk and how these techniques are related to the rest of your financial strategies. Risk management is not only insurance planning, but understanding which risks should be insured against. Many risks can be mitigated by addressing them in cash flow planning, investment management, and estate planning. By addressing risk in these areas as well, you'll better understand your needs for insurance more accurately.


If a financial insurance product is right for you, our planners are licensed to help implement and service these products for you. We're non-captive to any one insurance company so we shop around for our clients based on their best interests. You don't pay us for this brokerage service.


Prioritizing your needs and being transparent is important to us. Advisors are paid commissions based on the products and companies of your choosing. Compensation for insurance products is based on the amount of the premium and the type of product.

In addition to transparency, our team is experienced and skilled in designing and servicing these products to help ensure they're up-to-date with the rest of your plan.


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